how bad is iq on tz30 ? better to go with fz150 or fz200?

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Re: how bad is iq on tz30 ? better to go with fz150 or fz200?

I have FZ150 and TZ30. Very different but both very good in their class.  The slimness of the TZ30 won for me over the TZ25. The TZ30 fits in the pocket and can always be with you.  The FZ150 certainly has better IQ, an EVF and articulating screen and although much heavier and larger it is still lightweight compared to a dSLR. I'm very happy with both.

On a recent trip I took just the TZ30.  I was pleasantly surprised by the degree of control available and I'll be happy to take it when photography is not a serious aspect of a holiday.  If I'm expecting lots of really good  opportunities for photography then I'll take TZ30 and FZ150, or LX5 and FZ150, or LX5 and TZ30.  The LX5 being used where bias is architectural.  FZ150 for wildlife.  TZ30 for everything when least weight/pocketability are highest priority.

FZ200 has the constant f2.8 and high res EVF, if you can get a good deal then certainly worth considering over the FZ150.

Good Luck

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