Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

Started Feb 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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No - optimism must be tempered by realism.

Have a good read of what Thom Hogan said about the state of camera company finances on his sans mirror site.  The market is heading down and Olympus market share is heading down on a down market.  And its unprofitable in a good market.  He remarks on Steve Jobs comments about a hobby business and this probably is where Olympus is going.  A niche player that for the most part will lag the bigger players.  Arguably its been that way for some time.  Its unfortunate but not unexpected in the camera landscape and as markets mature in general.  Things will continue to shake out and some players will fall by the wayside.  I hope Oly isn't one of them but lets not kid ourselves on the scope of their resources.

If they could have introduced a 4/3 rds camera cost effectively and made a profit they would have done so by now.  That they haven't yet speaks volumes.  And when and if they do it may be the last of its kind as it will function as a bridge camera to u4/3rds.  I say "if" because lack of profit and shareholder demands have been known to cause sudden and unexpected changes in corporate plans and direction.  So I'll believe Oly's statements when I see it.  I hope they do, but I won't be surprised if they walk away for 4/3rds.

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