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Re: RAW vs. JPEG

grwood wrote:

From what I understand you cannot view a raw file, you cannot print a raw file you cannot change a raw file in any way. The only thing you can do is convert it to jpeg or tiff and during this process you have control over various parameters.

All those assumptions are wrong.

And for those who think that letting the camera do all the work via a built-in JEPG engine produces the same results as post-processing a RAW file are probably not getting the best results from their camera and lenses.

Camera JPEG engines vary greatly in the quality of the files they produce. For example, the recent review of the EOS 6D notes that its "JPEG engine struggles with low-contrast fine detail at low ISO sensitivities." Similar caveats can be found in many DSLR reviews on this website.

The bottom line: if you want the best possible image quality shooting RAW is the way to go.

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