Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

Craig from Nevada wrote:

The market is flooded with cameras. The margins are very low and everyone is losing money. Higher prices can only be sustained if there is a better match between the number of buyers and sellers.

IMHO this is precisely what Olympus is trying to do. They did so in a financially minor, but brand-reputation-significant way with the E-5, which has managed to retain market-value much better than most of us - or likely Olympus expected.The OM-D also seems to be matching production and pricing to demand pretty effectively .

In both cases, brilliant engineering - in the case of the E-5 by maximizing the overall effect of very limited resources, in the OM-D by all-out innovation in areas as IS - were key to creating enough product "buzz" to fuel that demand.

In the case of the OM-D, especially, creating real demand for any Olympus product was a huge challenge. We should remember that it was actually preceded by its 12-50 lens, announced at a juncture that ​anything​ that promised a real future for Olympus Imaging was urgently needed.

While the OM-D certainly has its quirks - and tiny buttons -it  is hard to see how it could be a significantly more effective match of product and price to demand, or likely, given the fierce competition from excellent competing products, could produce significantly better margins. The new range of premium fixed-focal-lenses also - apart from the lack of weather-proofing - appears to have been very astutely planned, effectively engineered, and appropriately priced. (The cheaper caps, lack of cases and pricey pay-extra lens hoods are a pain, but obviously reflect comprehensive analysis of pricing and margins. We can't have it both ways!)

> Too many cameras are now chasing too few buyers.

This could actually be a reason *for* retrenching with a FT body or two. As Olympus has repeatedly stated, they are aware of the range of FT lenses and the - declining but still significant - pool of FT users.  And as other have reiterated, Olympus does have a comprehensive range of engineering solutions available. Infrastructure costs money, too, even when it is producing little or nothing.

For me, the fact that they are trying to keep their options as wide as possible as they work on what are likely several possible FT and mFT solutions, only some of which will see the light of day, is pretty clear from every actually official announcement that they make.

Based on past experience, the rumours and putative leaks from other persons,e with them, are hardly worth looking at... or posting...unless they somehow "lose" another PP presentation in this summer ;-).

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