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JJMacks wrote:

The way I see it there are three choices for Photographers.

1.) Photoshop extended not needed.

2.) Lightroom+Elements

3.) Lightroom+Photoshop

Actually, there exist also a lot of non-Adobe solutions.

The important thing to explain to the OP, if I understand correctly his situation, is the different role of the various types of programs.

In particular, nowadays, there are two main categories:

1) Raw editors/catalogs. Lightroom becomes to this category, but it is not the only one. There are also excellent alternatives, as ACDSee Pro, DXO Pro, Capture One, Aftershot Pro and several others. Obviously the importance of these programs is related to the development of Raw files, so the first thing is to understand the differences bewteen the raw formats and the other types of images (e.g. jpeg and tifs).

2) General purpose editors. Photoshop is the most famous, but also here there are a lot of good (and less expensive) alternatives, as Paintshop Pro (I use the latest version, the X5). The main features, respect to raw editors, are the use of layers and of many plugins.

Hope this brief description helps to better understanding the role of the various tools for a good digital workflow.

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