Are Nikon production lines being sabotaged? (RE: impact damge)

Started Feb 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Are Nikon production lines being sabotaged? (RE: impact damge)

The issue is not is Nikon or some supplier damaging the product on purpose, as that is clearly not the case. The issue is what Nikon claims is impact damage during the repair process. I've heard about cracked mirror boxes being blamed on impact damage when there was clearly no exterior signs of damage. I have also heard about scratches between the lens barrel and focus ring being blamed on impact damage, when it was clearly from a manufactured interference between the two housings.

Nikon has apparently claimed impact damage when "focus issues" or other such issues arise with a lens. Since one cannot prove that a lens does not have impact damage, even though there are no visible signs of damage, it apparently gives Nikon an easy out in deferring the costs to the customer even when they may be due to the manufacturing flaw.

It seems someone at Nikon realized "Hey, this is precise optical equipment, why don't we use 'impact damage' to put some of the repair costs back to the customer.  The customer can't prove otherwise when it's an internal issue!"

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