VSCO Presets - Anyone Using Them With X-trans Files?

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Re: How do the VSCO presets compare to DxO's Filmpack?

I have VSCO 01 and 02...I generally use 02 more as I prefer the 02 Kodak Portra version. I also have Silver Efex and I think the 02 Tri-X preset looks more attractive (I have no idea if it is more accurate!). You really need to consider which film types you like and try and find the pack that best fits your needs.

I tried the free trial of DXO Filmpack and felt that VSCO gave a much nicer look...I also like that VSCO works directly on the raw file (rather than as a plug-in which generates a TIFF). It's a great learning experience to try each preset and see how they achieved the look with the Lightroom sliders (I would never have been brave enough to take a slider as far as they do). The presets are generally a just a starting point from which you can improve and develop to your own taste.

Two more points to consider: You absolutely must have your monitor calibrated to see the true effect...and you will spend a LOT longer messing around with each picture on the computer than you did previously!

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