Does using a FF lens with adapter lose light?

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Re: DOF and bokeh are different issues.

fotowbert wrote:

Technically speaking DOF (depth of field) and bokeh are not the same thing. Bokeh is the visual appearance or quality of the out of focus areas of the image.

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Puddleglum wrote:

blakninja wrote:

Why does crop sensor reduce bokeh?

Technically speaking, the crop sensor does not reduce bokeh. That is, a crop sensor doesn't affect the depth of field of an image. Taken from the same spot, of the same subject, a 50mm/f2 lens will give the same depth of field on a FF or APS-C camera. It's just that the APS-C image will be cropped. However, the depth of field is increased (and bokeh reduced), when you walk backwards to get a 50mm lens on an APS-C to have the same field of view as a 50mm on a FF. This is because depth of field is influenced by distance from the subjeact. So, it is a practical implication that generally speaking, the smaller the sensor, the harder it is to achieve a thin depth of field in conjuction with a desired field of view.

You're correct of course.

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