Disturbing post 1.07 AF Micro Adjust Results

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Re: Disturbing post 1.07 AF Micro Adjust Results

Archer66 wrote:

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Edward Sargent wrote:

Did not say it was Sony's problem. Just saying what had been working just fine is not with this release and wondering if I'm the only one. And curious if the A99 is similarly effected since I'm about to purchase one.

It will be a problem as long as Sigma doesnt get their own lens ID's from Sony.

Exif 2.3 specifies fields for the lens capabilities (aperture & FL ranges) and for the lens name (as text). If Sony allowed one to use this in place if the numeric ID and Sigma implemented 2.3, there would be no problems.

Camera needs the info before taking the pic, not when it is saving it.

No problem - just load the info from the lens when it is mounted. I suspect that cameras may do this anyway rather than getting the lens info every time an image is saved.

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