Is it just me?

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Re: Is it just me?

rft wrote:

even though i am still a DX camera user, i was pleased to see that Nikon was expanding its range of moderately priced F1.8 prime lenses. But 28mm seems to me to be neither wide enough for landscape use for most people and too wide for general use. A 24mm 1.8 would be a great landscape lens and also double as a useful 36mm on DX, or a 35mm 1.8 would be a great general purpose lens and a useful 50+ mm lens on DX.

Personally, 28mm on DX is ideal for me.  I used a Minolta 28/2 on my Sony DSLR and loved it.  I have the 35/1.8 for my D7000 now and it's ok (nice little lens at a great price) but I'd much rather a 28.  However, I have no interest in spending the extra money it costs for a FF lens, so I'll settle for the 35.

On the FF side, personally I'm with you in that 28 is sort of a 'tweener' lens ... I prefer 24 & 35 on either side.  But then again, I have no interest in a fast WA.  I'd be interested in f/1.8 on DX, since it would be a 'normal' that I'd use in low light, but on FF, I'd happily cover that range with a slower zoom.  So I guess I'd just assume that the lens is marketed to people who do different photography than me.

- Dennis

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