A trip down the 35mm lane

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Re: A trip down the 35mm lane

Aaron Sur wrote:

the digital camera has to covert the light to data that is then stored to small solid state drive ie your memory card.A film camera has to do nothing except for metering the light and winding onto the next frame. A couple of fingernails thickness in depth could be justified in this situation.

I don't consider the need to convert data to memory card has any impact on camera size. As the signal travel through electric wire and can be done anywhere in the camera. Remember, the digital camera no longer needs to store the canister, which is huge compare to an SD card, nor any mechanical parts (like motor) to roll the film. That should make enough room for processor / DSPs, etc.

The sensor is also thin enough to be negligible. The only thing that adds to thickness is the LCD on the back. But then, it should not account for more than 3mm.

"Full Film" was just a bad joke in my part (LOL!).

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