Issue activating MF on EM5 using 75-300 and multi-function

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Re: Issue activating MF on EM5 using 75-300 and multi-function

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You're right on the order of button pushing being a habit issue. Mostly I was hoping not to have to switch from one button to another. Fn2 is easy to get at and pretty bomb-proof; the others are a little more problematical. I also was hoping to free up a button for implementing DonParrot's CAF settings in a MySet, which I haven't tried yet.

Concerning the Mysets I don't think it is worth sacrifying a button for that : when assigned but tthe Fn1 button, it works only like a quick Myset, not as a toggle and it doesn't allow you to scroll through the different Mysets. You have to keep pressing the Fn button to get the Myset settings to work. As soon as you release the button, you are back to your previous settings. I found that it was rather awkward to press the Fn1 button at the same time as the shutter release. Given the limited utility of the Quick Myset, I prefer to keep the Fn button for something else.

I know it only works while holding the button down, but you're right... I was hoping to assign it to one of the lower buttons which I could operate with my thumb, but I see now that you can't assign a MySet to anything except Fn1 or Fn2

There is a chart summing up which functions can be affected to each button. If you don't use the Olympus grip with the two parts, the Mysets can only be affected to Fn1. They can also be affected to the lens Fn button, but few lenses have it : the 12-50mm and perhaps the 60mm macro (?).

Just the 12-50 so far. The 60mm macro does not have one.

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