Undeclared horse meat now also in German convenience food

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Re: it looks as though

RobertSigmund wrote:

Brian D. Schneider wrote:

TonyC5D wrote:

It's a cinch that the Windsors will bridle at being saddled with this image, They have reined over us since well before the hacks started on them, they hocked everything for their chance in the ring. They make our country stable although they do give some of us the trots! Spurred on by the figures from the latest Gallop poll they will jump at the chance to ride roughshod over us for ever.

Sorry this is too much fun, I'll stop now lol.

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"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried".

No, no keep it up. This is funny stuff.

It is incredible how much you are able to make of it! This is already the second or third thread on the horse meat scandal and still the jokes come thick and fast.

well it is a bit of a one horse race......

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