rancor/discord seems less in this forum ?

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Re: not among us, but we have a lot of TROLL trashing m43 from other forum

007peter wrote:

There isn't many discord like Olympus vs Panasonic. But we have no Shortage of dSLR trolls trashing m43 left and right here.

We, m43 users don't got to canon or nikon forum to trash their DSLR, but many DSLR shooter deem appropriate to come here and trash the placed.

As Aleo (mod) has pointed out, this is the only dpr forum with four moderators to keep peace.

There is an absolute lack of reciprocity with 1022 which is appalling. No one can event *mention* there m4/3 without being informed upon and banned. Threads have been deleted over and over.

By comparison, after the basic trolls have been kept at bay, I welcome this being a hospitable forum, where other brands can be discussed in relation to m4/3.

This means that people feel more secure about chosing m4/3. Having another format next to it is or was quite common.


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