Canon EF and Sony A-Mount lenses + adapter for Nex 6

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Re: Canon EF and Sony A-Mount lenses + adapter for Nex 6

I asked the same question myself as I only have the 18-55 kit lens. When I initially got it I assumed I would get the e-mount oss 35mm or 50mm 1.8.

Over the past few months of shooting though, I've found that OSS may be overrated for my uses because I like to photograph people naturally as they move about which virtually makes OSS useless since I need a much higher shutter speed to compensate for their movement than I would for my own potentially shaky hands. You can see this thread:

For that reason I'm giving legacy lenses a try, ordered a 50mm Olympus 1.8 and 50mm Minolta Rokkor 1.4, and am anxiously awaiting them. I got them off eBay and both lenses plus their respective adapters only ended up costing me about $120! Less than half of what even the Sony 50mm costs!

Unfortunately I haven't gotten the adapters yet so I can't testify personally as to how this might work out but given the vast cost difference (and easy potential to re-sell the legacy lenses if they don't work out) I'd say it's worth giving those a shot.

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