Canon 6D and Lens question 70-200 F2.8 V2 or F4 IS

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Re: Canon 6D and Lens question 70-200 F2.8 V2 or F4 IS

Dane01 wrote:

Well after a week of trying broth the lens, sold my F4 and bought a new 2.8 again. Just did not enjoy using the F4 , the 2.8 felt right in the hands and more balanced than the F4. Not that heavy and feels right.

It's good that you were able to try both lenses and make the decision.  Now you can be confident you made the right choice for you.  Having had both lenses, I know what you mean about the balance.

The picture quality is just amazing with the 2.8 compared to the F4,

Either you had a "bad copy" of the f4, or this statement is pure sour grapes.  The f4 is known to be one of Canon's best lenses.

and the depth of field definitely shows. Finally kept the 2.8 in the bag and use it almost all the time. Took a while to make a decision and in the process bought sold 2 lenses but in the end definitely enjoying the f2.8, for me seems the correct way to go, as for the extra amount it is a great lens and the option to add a tele convertor makes it a winner.

Indeed it is the ultimate.  I recently got a bigger+better bag, and the weight of the f2.8 is now practically a non-issue.  I went from a Tamrac Velocity 7 to an 8, and it carries and distributes the weight much more comfortably.  The 8 literally makes the load feel lighter.  The 7's thinner and less padded strap dug in to my shoulder and made the load feel uncomfortably heavy.

Enjoy your new lens!

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