GH3 with 100-300mm

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Re: GH3 with 100-300mm

Setter Dog wrote:

Beautiful shots of those big, fat mallards! I'm back in m43 after a year or so with Sony Alpha. I'll be using my G5 for wildlife. Used to have the 100-300mm and loved it. I'll get another one, for sure.

Can you say more about the electronic shutter and it's advantages in this setting? Faster burst speed? Or? Thanks.


Thanks! Actually I really like the subtle coloration of the female. These are a group of year-old ducks that I watched grow up in this marsh from last spring. They are young, well fed, and apparently didn't see any particular need to go south this winter, either.

The big advantage to the electronic shutter in this setting is that it eliminates shutter shock, so that at long focal lengths especially, the camera movement from it is not translated to the lens. The OIS in the lens is pretty good at handling regular body movement, but the shutter motion seems to be a bit more than it can adjust for, so taking that out of the equation definitely gave me clearer shots. I'm basically a manual camera shooter from way back, so I haven't really explored burst shooting or C-AF shooting, ergo I can't tell you how it does with those settings, but it clearly improves my keeper rate and reduces the shutter speed that I can successfully use with this long lens.


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