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Started Feb 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
Andy Crowe Senior Member • Posts: 1,587
Sony Vegas

For video I've been using Sony Vegas for a while, it doesn't have as many effects as something like After Effects but it's a nice light-weight editor, has a good interface, deals with audio very well (useful for syncing an external sound recorder for example) and because AVCHD is its native format it's very snappy dealing with files straight out of the camera (last I tried after effects it was very slow to deal with them).

Recently I had sold off my G2 and got myself a GH2 with kit lens during the black friday deals.

I will post a few pictures taken with GH2 soon for suggestions and opinions from the more experienced folk here.

Meanwhile can someone suggest a decent video/movie making software as well as photo editing software without a steep learning curve. I'm no professional where I need photo shop or programs of that caliber.

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