Could this be the reason why there are fewer clients calling?

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Re: Could this be the reason why there are fewer clients calling?

Barrie Davis wrote:

28to70 wrote:

Oh, and now Obama is giving amnesty to 25 million illegals whose kids are going to be in direct competition with your kids for jobs. This will be done, and I'm sorry to say that people don't look at the details, leading to this great country joining the third world.

You don't think hard enough, about the past of your nation, or about its future.

It was immigrants that lifted your country OUT of its third world status during the 19th-Century. Why do you think today's immigrants would ever want to go BACK to where you were then?

Moreover, people who migrate to where the potential for living life is greater, are the very people demonstrating enterprise and initiative that every country NEEDS to prevent its dropping back into third world status.

Will right-wing reactionaries ever learn these simple facts, I wonder?

The above shows an incredible misunderstanding of both history and reality.

The history: The immigrants of yesteryear were people who came here looking for honest (but usually hard) work. They built and worked and strove and sacrificed. Those are the kind of immigrants that we had. Not only that but they came here legally. They weren't looking for a handout or a free ride.

The reality: Today's immigrant population doesn't look like that as a whole. We have widespread ´╗┐illegal´╗┐ immigration and a huge, massive number of illegal immigrants who bring crime and steal via tax fraud and free handouts. This is the immigration that the right doesn't want anything to do with. Legal immigrants looking to come here the right way and work hard? They're welcome.

Will left-wing reactionaries ever grasp such simple facts, I wonder?

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