Could this be the reason why there are fewer clients calling?

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Re: Could this be the reason why there are fewer clients calling?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

There has always been a 'needy' class. How society handles it changes over time.
120 years ago there were debtors prisons, poor houses, tenements (12 people in a small apartment). And no middle class.
Around 1900-1920 that began to change as wages rose and a middle class was born. Completely changed everything. There had always been the rich and the poor (peasants you might say).
There was no (for anyone but the rich) insurance for health, disability, death, etc. You got sick or hurt and couldn't work you starved. So 'benevolent' societies were created, mostly ethnic in nature, some religious based.

You got those two switched around. Mostly religious in nature, some ethnic.

Your parents got old they moved in with you. Nursing homes? Hah, no such thing.
The depression created so much more need than these organizations could handle, so the govt stepped in to create a safety net. It wasn't meant to be anything more than that - keep you out of the poorhouse is about it.

Not the government's job to do that.

Is unemployment good or bad? I think its good - or was - when you had to seek work and it only lasted at most 6 months. Getting payments for years with no requirement to seek work is what has screwed it up. So you made $50k before the company folded and now all you can do is flip burgers - so what? Go flip burgers instead of sitting at home sponging $20k a year and health benefits off the rest of us. If you can't find a burger flippin job in 6 months you deserve to starve.


Does everyone deserve healthcare? The answer seems to be leaning toward yes...but why? Never in history has everyone had healthcare coverage.

This question is itself a problem. The concept of 'deserve' has gotten so out of whack that it's crumbling our society. No one deserves anything. Life (this one we ditched in the early 70's), liberty (this one Obama chips away more of every day, even worse than Bush did), and the ´╗┐pursuit´╗┐ of happiness. Not actual happiness, just the pursuit of it. That's it. We've added lots of laws to refine how those things look but we're starting to take everything to an extreme. Everyone now 'deserves' a house and a car and healthcare paid for by someone else and free education and... it never ends.

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