Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

alatchin wrote:

mapgraphs wrote:

Buried in the article on the front page (Link ) is reference to a Thom Hogan article ( Article Link Here ) with this money quote:

"It's unclear how Nikon will grow moving forward. Even Nikon was pulling back their forecasts a bit. Given the big drop in profits and the miss on expectations, Nikon is no longer the darling of the analysts in the camera business. Actually, no one is."

So it's not just Olympus.

It sounds like, of the big Four, Sony and Olympus seem to have seen a possible way to succeed, by combining efforts. And Olympus is making public statements saying they plan to move forward and support their camera lines. Can't ask for much more than that. They either succeed or they don't, but they sound like they're going to try.

I read Thoms analysis and it is a gloomy one for most camera makers, however this will probably mean more niche development for most of them and we are seeing this. Higher prices and targeting enthusiasts over a more general userbase.

It seems odd that with a slew of new technologies to entice their existing userbase to upgrade Olympus would ignore those sales, leveraging the R&D they have already put out there.

It’s been ages since I’ve had any involvement in consumer electronics but I do seem to recall that Japanese companies tended to test market their new ideas in Japan first to shake out the more promising lines. Some of the product released in Japan was years ahead of anything seen in Europe or the Americas. Given the way Olympus has progressed, E1, e330, e450, e3, e30, ep, epl, em5… they’ve taken the technology and followed the consumer interest.

If the story about reduction in R&D money and staff is accurate, the product mix released recently makes sense. There is a direct progression from the e330 to the em5 in my mind. The only recent missing piece would be an e70 and perhaps an e750 but they already have a 750 in the em5, just without the ability to use HG and SHG glass to its fullest (i.e. autofocus). But the consumer interest is in smaller right now so who knows, an em70 that uses HG & SHG and an e750 might make sense. They have access to the sensors to take things to another level, and not having to compete with the top two over market share (since they have the flagship mirrorless), they can design a flagship DSLR release for bragging rights.

It’s going to be fun to sit back and see what they do.

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