Anyone reguarly using tilt adapters?

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Re: Anyone at all using tilt adapters?

I have been examining these adapters for a while now. For me, the main restraining reason is the lens mount on these adapters. My DSLR is a Canon. Canon lenses on Fuji are somewhat limited, due to the lack of aperture control. Overall investment into other mounts and the T/S adapter is costly, on par with a T/S lens.

I will be trying some mid-range M42 teles soon. If that works out, I will consider an M42 tilt adapter.

Also saw another curious approach recently. A Chinese large format camera manufacturer produced a back plate for their cameras that allows mounting a digital camera to be attached to their cameras in lieu of the film holder. Overall, similar to what Calumet was marketing a few years back. I would definitely like to see my X-E1 attached to a 4x5 camera this way some day.

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