Site of one of the greatest human tragedies

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Re: Thanks for post -- Site of one of the greatest human tragedies

Docno wrote:

BertIverson wrote:

Thanks for posting the photos and history of this tragic story.
Yes, the behavior or humanity is appalling and shows little evidence of improving as the years go by. I guess driven by economic greed or religion and aided by despotism.

The last one in your list, despotism, hit the nail on the head. This was a time of absolute monarchs and monstrous egos. From what I've read, some of these brutal wars of conquest were really about the king wanting to outdo his ancestors (or just dad) and grab more land. Same thing has happened the world over, of course. Funny thing is that a couple of monks have independently told my Thai girlfriend that I was a Burmese king in a past life (with many wives)... I don't believe this sort of thing, but I don't think it's meant as a positive Now to make things really creepy, some years back a Burmese friend of mine said she dreamed/saw (not sure which) a woman in my room, dressed Burmese regal garb from the past, and holding two swords (but apparently to protect me rather than do me harm). It's an interesting part of the world over here...

Wow how interesting! - I'd be compelled to delve into more research if I were you

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