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EnzymeB wrote:

I took this photo and want to know if someone can tell me if they think that the comp is ok. Unfortunately the connoisseur and the singer were pretty far apart in the original and I am left with empty space in the bootom left hand corner. but any advice on how and if this can be improved would be great.


front row connoisseur

I like the fact that the two primary subjects are separated by the street. It adds a little sense of sadness to the image. Musical performance can be a vulnerable experience, and the performer is putting herself out there possibly not realizing that anyone appreciates her music. We, the viewer's of the photo, know that someone off to the side is engaged in the music. The street itself is a very strong visual element. The lines on the street help frame the singer and the observer sits at the intersection of two strong lines.

As far as the empty space goes, you could try cropping at an angle, but I don't think that would work for this image. Sometimes cropping at an angle makes an image more dynamic, but in this case all of the people would be falling over. I think it's better the way it is. As the previous poster said, you could have taken the shot more from the perspective of the observer. I'd really liked to have seen what it would look like if you'd been on the other side facing the opposite direction. Then you'd be able to see the faces of both people and you'd also see more of the reclining posture of the observer which is interesting in itself.  Unfortunately you didn't have the opportunity to capture other perspectives.

Still, it's a pretty interesting image,


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