Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

Im tending to think that all the manufacturers are less than happy with their results, and are analysing their options on the usual how to reduce costs yet make more money selling cameras.

IMO m43 is going ok for Olympus, but theyve ditched in more western markets, the toughest of which is the USA. And yes, while I might have a vested interest in seeing the SLRs remain, I think they could do ok in the US, and the combined plan might just carry the day. After all Sony do just that, if you accept SLT as a pseudo SLR, even if you dont why else does it exist.

Weve all discussed potential SLR designs here before, the centric need is quite well known, but something even a little special is the Olympus trait...

Potentially SLRs are a higher margin activity, while m43 can be cheap cameras, its a high metabolic rate way of making actual money as the mean returns are lower per item. So while otoh losing Ex and Exx has lost these higher capital models, m43 are very price reduced compared to cameras of 4 years ago.

The big gig is the fone market which are replacing compact cameras, certainly smart fones have high ownership so the actual need for a compact is a lot less unless you offer something even fones dont do well. Whatever that is ....

Possible exploitations.... a sealed compact as tiny as a credit card, pretty sure that if you take the phone part out of the fone, what you are left with for a camera is smaller than present expectations of a compact camera model.

I guess the overall message is as ever, try harder...

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