Does this photo have any impact?

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Re: Does this photo have any impact?

billorg wrote:

Are there any redeeming qualities to this picture I took? Canon 5DMIII and Sigma 12-24 @12mm Just really wanted to test this lens out and we had a nice day. Comments please, thanks. Click "View: original size" link to see best quality - it definitely loses impact the way it looks below. Bill

You mentioned that this was a lens test.  I don't know much about the gear you used.  I know that if you don't like it, I'll take it. 

I'm guessing that you posted this image to this particular forum because your gear test turned into something more interesting than just a technical test and you can't quite put your finger on what it is about the image that draws you in?  Either that or you simply posted it to the wrong forum.  I'm going to run with my initial guess.

I think what's interesting about this image is that several elements work together to tell a specific story.  First, there's the wide angle lens which makes the large house shrink into the distance.  I'd say you could fit about ten of those houses across the frame and more than that vertically.  So you could easily put more than one hundred houses that size into the frame.  The tiny size gives very little respect to what is a highly impressive residence.  The two small trees that are used as framing elements dwarf the house making it look like a little toy.  Most importantly, the extreme wide view causes the house to look totally isolated on a wide expanse of land.

Several other elements come together to enhance the isolated feel of the image.  The house is centered in the frame which indicates that it is featured, but by centering it rather than using the rule of thirds, you've created a very static composition.  The horizon goes across the middle of the frame as well adding to the static feel.  Static composition is often a bad thing, but in this case it works perfectly with the other elements.  The sky is somewhat ominous and converting to B&W adds to the starkness and drama.  You could have processed this scene until it was overly dramatic, but I like the fact that you didn't go there.  Viewing the image full size, I can see a couple planes flying over.  In a way, they also support the theme showing people flying by at a great distance.

All of those elements work together to tell a cohesive story.  The image gives a similar feel to one of those classic stories about a wealthy person who made it to the top but is now a lonely soul living in an empty mansion far away from anybody to share his/her success with.  The emotional impact of this image is much more real and "every day life" than the cliche movie stereotype of the wealthy humbug hidden away in the mansion on the hill that's always shrouded in storm clouds.  I like that about the image.  I'd expect this image to connect with a lot of people on some level.  Most people don't know the cliche rich person, but they do know someone (or they are a person) who sacrificed a lot for success.


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