Movable fake walls?

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Re: Movable fake walls?

Thanks. That solution won't work exactly because I don't have the space for the ladder but I'm sure I can borrow some of the concepts. I looked at buying the DVD. Is it work $90?

Sailor Blue wrote:

Jack, Mary DuPrie uses high density foam sheets and hand paints them. Texture paint works well.

To support the foam sheets she uses those roll around ladders you see them using in Home Depot or some of the big box stores. When you put weight on the ladder the wheels retract so the ladder won't roll with anyone one it. She bought her ladders from a store that was going out of business. You can also buy them on-line or at industrial supply stores.

Mary DuPrie adds sand bags to the ladders to stop them rolling then uses pieces of high density foam cut and glued to the back of the painted sheets so that they will be vertical when butted up against the ladders. She uses double sided Velcro strips from the garden supply dept to strap the sheets to the ladder.

One sheet makes a wall. Two sheets strapped to two ladders create a corner. One of her tricks is to make colored pillows and tile them on a sheet of foam using Velcro.

She put together a simple rack to store the sheets of foam.

I suggest you get a copy of Mary DuPrie's video if you need more details.

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