Please help a noob! (First camera shopping)

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tclune wrote:

AlbertInFrance wrote:

I'm pretty sure that most consumer camcorders take stills in the 4-8 MP range, which will probably be quite enough for family pictures to keep the missus happy.

Be careful about that. My camcorder takes 5 MP stills if memory serves. But that is an interpolated image. The actual resolution of the sensor is closer to 1MP. It is quite common with the low-end camcorders to up-res the stills -- in which case 5MP is pretty much doggy-doo. FWIW

I have a camcorder that takes decent 10 MP stills, but it is similar to a typical P&S image as the sensor is still small compared to something like the GH2. I would go ahead and get the GH2, the only drawback to a M4/3 with legacy lenses is the 2X crop factor. Great for telephoto lenses, that relatively cheap 200mm FF lens looks like a 400mm now. Not so good for wideangle. The legacy 24mm FF wide angle is now 48mm normal.

Use the GH2 for a year and you will know what you like and do not like by that point. You may decide to move on to a different format or just stay with m4/3 either way you will know a lot more about what is the right choice for you.

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