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Re: D600 video advice please

Digital Click wrote:

Hi All

I have been requested to video a friend's family funeral (based in UK) and going to use the D600. I have one 32gb and one 16gb card and two batteries. Been told the ceremony will take no longer than 1 hour which I guess may really be less.

I was thinking of shooting at 720 Hd rather than full HD (card space?) and they would want it on DVD and possibly on the internet for family abroad to look at.

Can someone advise if this is all ok with above set up.. i.e. will 2 batteries be enough etc. other factors are:

• Shooting outside - so what iso best to use?
• Is it best to use AF or manual focus - does the camera focus as you move it around like conventional video camera as mine does not?
• And what frame rate should I use?

I hope to put it on DVD as well and will edit using iMovie - just a basic video is needed. Also if I put onto DVD it will work in UK but will it work in USA?

Thank you for any advice.


2 batteries will be enough. I suggest you use a wide lens so you don't have to do too much manual focusing. Indeed DSLR's probably aren't the best cameras for recording events like this, but I'm sure you will get nice video.

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