Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Hold on a minute

From Oly statements mirrorless market-share is growing in US but it's not on fire. Obviously Oly will look to increase their sales as the mirrorless market-share grows.

Conjecture to say where the money is being lost. Has Oly made any announcements?

From what I see in London most tourists have mobiles and advanced compact cameras or a DSLR. I don't see many P&S basic cameras. I have seen a few people shooting with iPads though:) The global economy isn't booming that bubbles over. Price will be important to consumers and Pros going forward as the global squeeze continues on house-hold budgets and profit margins.

They need think out of the box make their advanced compacts and basic mirrorless and DSLRs able to stick photos/videos straight onto Facebook et. all. Add Full HD video recording. Consumers will care less about MPs are more about usability and convergence...

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