Disqualified for too much PP?

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Re: Disqualified for too much PP?

I'm afraid this could eventually point toward another similar discussion aimed at defining the "acceptable" Post-Processing as such, and then what tools in what extent are to be used within the process. We'll never be able to reach conclusions, mainly for those reasons:

- the kind of camera, optics, add-ons, elements and recording used at the point of image-taking,

- the kind of the processing possibly chosen and done in-camera, which might have influenced the original image,

- the exact lighting circumstances and the unique author's taste, causing the preferred camera settings,

- the author's post-processing software, the workflow (tool sequencing and strength), conversions, the monitor settings, and maybe a difference in eyesight...

For all we know, the posted-up image is what the author decided to present. It was the final version to the image author, and an original to the viewers.

In that sense, the reverse engineering is not very useful, and can only mean that within all the unknown circumstances described, some other author might eventually do it somewhat differently.

And it is quite okay to my mind, as long as any among all kinds of processing (in-camera and subsequently) did not result in something "unacceptable" - which in turn, is related to every viewer's unique experience, knowlege, skill and, of course, technical aspects involved in viewing the image.

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