Sony: A new camera between the RX100 and the RX1?

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Re: Here It Is

ChristianHass wrote:

A 35mm equivalent APS-C RX10 would face stiff competition from the Fuji X100s and might also cut into the RX1 sales, if they make it as good as a 35mm equivalent APS-C could be.

It would be very interesting to see though.

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Logic would seem to indicate that Sony has two choices: a cheaper version of the RX1 or a higher-end version of the RX100, both based on an APS-C sensor. The first one would be a fixed lens which would attract those who like the RX1 but are turned away by the price and the latter would appeal to those who want flexibility in focal length. The way this game of cameras has turned out, nothing is obvious and the trend seems to be to fill out the product line so that there is something for someone in the company's offering to defend against or go after the competition. While there may be some cannibalizing among the company's product lines, it probably doesn't matter as long as the sales are kept in-company and moving towards higher-margin products.

For Sony, that would seem to be the NEX and the Cybershot RX series. That makes a NEX FF and an RX with APS-C sensor essentially certain.

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