The UK is NOT in Europe

Started Feb 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
sherwoodpete Veteran Member • Posts: 7,766
"Europe" has many meanings.

The word "Europe" has many meanings.

Physically, Britain and Ireland are part of Europe, a few thousand years ago one could walk, and indeed live in areas which today are covered by the sea, and there was no separation.

Culturally the UK is part of Europe, there has been a long tradition of shared ideas, in topics including religion, science and the various arts.

The only real question is one of politics. While the states of the former Soviet Union were eagerly gaining self-government and establishing their own currencies, there was a parallel process of surrendering of sovereignty and currency among some European countries.

It's clear that both extremes, too much integration, and too much separation each bring their own problems. Hence there is disagreement over just where the happy medium should be.


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