G3 photos on Sony HDTV via memstick

Started May 10, 2003 | Discussions thread
OP Gus Stangeland Senior Member • Posts: 2,187
Re: Take a look at this

Hey, that looks really interesting! I downloaded it and am trying it as I write this. I really like the auto 16:9 conversion also. I'll go get a memory stick and reader tomorrow and try it. Thanks again, a lot. Boy it's things like this that make this forum really great!

Garry Ziffer wrote:
Take a look at a program called xatshow at http://www.xat.com . Its
designed to feed JPEG's into a memory stick and make them look like
they came from the camera. They even have a very high quality
setting for wide TV's. I don't know whether it'll do what you want
it to do but it's worth a look.


Scott W wrote:


If you take an image that you have edited in photoshop (cropped,
adjusted, whatever) and put it in the proper folder on the Memory
Stick, it WILL NOT WORK. It just shows up as a corrupted file. I
even tried to make sure the naming conventions were the same by
renaming the edited photo as a photo straight off the G3. But
nothing seemed to work. From that I assume Photoshop strips out
any info the TV needs to view the picture.

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