Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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What is a dSLR?

gdourado wrote:


With the increase advancements in sensor technology and mirrorless cameras, I was wondering how many non professionals still use DSLR's as their travel cameras or just general usage cameras...

If I was a payed photo professional, doing either event shooting, sports, nature or fashion shoots, a camera with maximum speed, precision and control would be a must. But if you are just an hobbyist or an amateur, do you still feel motivated to haul around a big DSLR with lenses all day?

I was wondering because myself for instance, I really enjoy some pictures I got some time ago with my 20D and 5D, but when I think about the fact that I left the hotel in the morning with a big and heavy camera bag, only to return at night, having a big camera always hanging from either my neck or my shoulder, I wish I had taken something smaller and lighter.

What are your feelings on this matter?

Until my recent retirement I was a paid professional who did NOT use a dSLR.

Instead, I used well specified small sensor models like Minolta Dimage 7 and Konica Minolta A2. I had tried out these humble models as a toe in the digital water, as it were, and after my main graphic design clients had similarly experimented and found the files MORE than adequate for the sizes of lithographic reproduction required, the incentive to get anything "better" just wasn't there..

However, I wasn't doing event shooting, sports, nature or fashion shoots... nothing requiring high frame rates. Along with studio sets and still life pack-shots, I WAS doing men and women in the working place, and for this they were quick enough, being a good deal faster than the hand-cranked Hasselblad I would have used previously.

I still use those cameras (Dimage 7 does IR) on country walks and visits to places of interest. As an indulgence for when travelling light, I have added a pair of LX3 cameras, one with wide angle permanently attached.. (18mm equivalent)

I am NOT in the market for a dSLR! If ever I need one, I'll borrow my son's... he's already taken possession of most of my Nikon lenses, anyway!

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