Anyone reguarly using tilt adapters?

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Re: Anyone at all using tilt adapters?


My thx to those who responded and to menedem for the link. - I'd actually read that article some time ago and with my past photography it was one of the triggers for me to look further at mirrorless with adapters that offer movements.  His examples of the brick wall and the garden surely demonstrate the benefits of tilt.

The funny thing is, that despite the availability of the adapters, few people seem to be using them - as we can see by the few responses here - we're all interested, but no-one who's using one has responded........  Perhaps there aren't many.  I don't know why - perhaps so many people come from compacts and DSLRs without movements that it's just not in their thinking to explore this aspect of photography.  Another reason might be that in these days of fast fps and AF, it's a slower and more studious approach to photography. Just a guess.....

Cheers, Rod

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