18-200 VR Repair story

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Re: 18-200 VR Repair story

Zigmont wrote:

I have one of the original 18-200 VR lenses and as I was taking it off the D200 with the camera on a tripod, I accidentally dropped the lens on to the concrete floor.

When I picked it up, it looked fine, but I could hear something wrong inside.

So I sent it to the U.S. Nikon repair center in Melville, NY on a Friday; that Monday they sent me a bill, it seems like the standard fee is $125.00, no matter what. I paid, then a few days later, they sent an email saying they needed to order a part.

That was Feb. 28. Finally got it back yesterday, April 16, with a huge list of what they fixed. It looks like new -- they cleaned it inside and out, adjusted it, and tested it. They even gave it a new bayonet mount.

Here's what they replaced:

All of the "RPL Helicoids" (not sure what those are, the gears?)
The VR system
Connector FPC
Filter ring
Rubber ring
All of the roller/guide rings
Lens bayonet mount
Adjust auto focus operation

I use the camera in the studio as part of my business and I was kind of lost without the 18-200, but I substituted an old 35-70 AF I had from my N6006. The 35-70 actually works great, it has very accurate color reproduction, and deep blacks.

I was surprised at how little Photoshopping I had to do to the photos. I usually have to fix cyan and/or yellows/reds with the 18-200, no matter how I white balance.

Anyway, that's my story, I've used the Nikon repair center several times and they've always done a great job for me.

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Herr Zigmont

Glad your repaid worked out.

Aside from longer focal lengths at distance and sharpness, that not so much contrast and color repoduction is my main issue with the 18-200. As you, fixing contrast and colors was a regular thing with that lens, albeit it is good for what it is and very useful.

The difference was really brought home when I started using MF Primes.

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