Here is why a prime lens camera like X100 yielded success!

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Re: Flawed Logic

MuMinded wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

DaveHutch wrote:

What I might try tonight, is to ask Lightroom to find all my photos that are shot between 27 and 35mm focal length and see what percentage that represents out of my total catalogue.
Be interesting if nothing else

Yes but beyond that, when we are with others either in town or travel, the pictures gravitate towards 35mm in a hurry.

Except for birding or safari.

Imagine how ridiculous it is to be taking a 300mm picture of who knows what while one's friends see one focusing on nothing they see.

And if you need 150mm one is just not there. You are where 35mm is.

I think I see your point but shouldn't we also consider that say a 18-55 zoom lens also has a 35mm (and every possible mm inbetween) already built in. It gives you choices which a fixed lens cannot.

I think the reason that zooms are so popular is simply because they allow a convienient optical solution in a handy package.

The down side of course to zooms is that they normally don't have as large an aperature as a prime lens (read: less pleaseing Bokeh).

Just my thoughts


I'm assuming he is joking, right? Please tell me he is joking...

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