Panny GH3 and Photoshop CS6

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Panny GH3 and Photoshop CS6

I'm very pleased with how my first test shoot went with the camera and with how I learned to use the new video features in CS6 to edit and output my first HD YouTube video

Although the "rage" is all about the new higher quality video output from the new GH3 I decided it might be best to make my humble beginnings at the other end of the "MPS" scale.  On the camera I selected Record mode  MP4 (best for viewing on PC) and Record quality 1280x720 30p at 10mps.  I shot a few minutes each of three scenes one overall view of the hummingbird feeder then the other two zoomed-in on each side.

I have other video edit software that I've spent a little time with but not enough to get comfortable using any.  Honestly they are a bit overwhelming to me.  CS6 on the other hand I use daily for still editing so when I found the book "Video in Photoshop for Photographers and Designers" could be purchased for Kindle I bought it and downloaded it to my 7" HTC View tablet.  Over a few weeks I read through it, but did not (yet) make use of the tutorial downloads (for my PC) that go with it.

Today after watching a few short Adobe video tutorials on CS6's new video features and with the book as reference I jumped in.  I do have some timeline edit experience so this wasn't a completely new ballgame.  Basic goal was to create a 2 minute video showing how busy it gets around one of my two hummingbird feeders.  Once I had the three clips on the timeline I used "snip" to separate good footage from bad (which was removed) and once separated I could drag and drop shuffle between the three views.  I opened new blank 1280x720 images with transparent backgrounds for the front and back end title text screens and then imported these to a new video track (layer) above the original footage track.  Transitions offered in CS6 are basic fades and a cross fade which I like a lot because I don't need page turns or other fancy stuff.  The book offers a lesson on how the make a "lower third" text and graphic element overlay, but I'm not ready for that.  I wish I had read a bit further in the book today as I found the lesson on changing speed for slow motion.  Fast moving hummers are good candidates for slow motion to reveal the intensity of their lightning quick attack behaviors.

Time lapse is another new feature of the GH3.  The book shows how CS6 can be used to convert still sequences into playable footage and it "reads" like it's pretty easy.

Here's the link to my 2 minute "production" which I found best for image quality NOT viewed full screen.  Choose the "Large Player" and set Quality to 720 HD

Hummers with new GH3

C&C welcome


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3
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