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The original DP2 is the bomb for image quality.  I'm still surprised at the images the DP2 and DP1 produce, even after all these years.

SPP is essential for getting the most out of the Foveon images.  Lightroom simply does not deliver the colour and biting sharpness that SPP gives.  With Lightroom, it's like just another Bayer camera, but SPP unlocks the potential of the Foveon sensor.  My only issue with SPP is the quirky way it handles white balance.  I mean, what is this weird rotating ball instead of two sliders?  But if you do most of your processing in SPP, then export the TIF to Lightroom, you'll get the best of both worlds.

At one time, I carried the DP1 and the Canon G10, each to complement what the other did not have.  Later on I carried the DP2 and the Ricoh GRD III, the Sigma for more studied images and the GRD III for low light, fast capture and stealth.  I wouldn't use a DPx as a primary camera, but they are great as one of a complementary pair.

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