Which lenses for hiking / travel ???

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Re: Which lenses for hiking / travel ???

If you're into birding I can recommend a trip on the river Tarcoles. We saw I think something like 170 different kinds of bird during a 2 hour cruise.
At the time I had a Canon 50D and had taken the Tamron 18-270 to avoid having to carry too many different lenses with the risks associated with changing them in the rainforest.
Now I'm converting to M43, weight wouldn't be such an inhibitor to taking several lenses.
I'll wait to see how the new Tamron 14-150 performs and also the Mark II Oly 75-300.

I can confirm the forests are quite dark so if money is no object the Panasonic 2.8 35-100 looks good, but will need to be supplemented by a wider lens.
I also agree taking two bodies is a good idea, so you can take wide or long shots without changing lenses.
At least one body should be stowable in an inside pocket for safety should you get caught in a tropical downpour. I had taken a Panny TZ3 along with my 50D but now the ideal would be an E-PL5 along with the OM-D E-M5. I could throw in my Panny pancakes (20mm 1.7 and 14-42) and hardly notice the extra weight.

Enjoy your trip

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