Update on my GH3 repair

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Re: Update on my GH3 repair / Good.

mpgxsvcd wrote:

I think the issue is that everyone thinks I am comparing the "Quality" of the EVF. I am not. I am simply comparing how forgiving the EVF's are to being off center. I just tried the new GH3 against the GH2 with the same(35-100mm F2.8 lens).

I just got my hands on a real GH3 for the first time today, and one of the first things I checked out was the EVF.   I have mild presbyopia with astigmatism and wear glasses, albeit with a merely slight correction (less than 1 dioptre) for each eye.  Here's what I found:

With my eye centered in the viewfinder and the viewfinder dioptre properly adjusted everything was more than sharp enough for me from corner to corner.  If I moved my eye far enough away from the optical axis of the viewfinder eyepiece (i.e., to the left or right), I could see the axial smudging and halos that have been shown on posted photos describing the issue.  I found that the viewfinder was acceptably sharp as long as I kept my eye within about (and this is a guess, I didn't actually measure it) 3mm or so of the centre of the eyepiece axis.   In other words, the "sweet spot" seems to be a little more than 5mm or so wide.

The above description applies to viewing without my eyeglasses - with my eyeglasses on I saw pretty much the same results except that with the extra eye relief required by the glasses the field of view was smaller.   I could see the entire viewfinder image if my eye was centered, but by the time I moved it left or right far enough to see blurring on one edge of the viewfinder the other edge was no longer visible.

The "5mm sweet spot" seemed more than adequate for me.  Moving my eye to the left or right far enough to get the edges of the viewfinder image to blur seemed like more than I'd likely do in actual use, or at least it seemed so natural and easy for me to simply adjust my eye position to get a clear image that I wouldn't really think twice about it.

The GH3 I was looking at was equipped with the 14-42 (non-X) kit lens, although I don't think that's particularly relevant because I was judging the amount of blurriness from the symbols superimposed on the viewfinder image and not on the image itself.

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