Do RAW shooters use the Fuji X DR enhancement feature?

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Timur Born
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Re: Defining EXR Hardware (X10) and EXR Processor (all X-Series cameras including X10)

Trevor G wrote:

Timur - we need to be very careful with terminology here, because the X-Series cameras all use EXR Processing, according to their literature.

Yes, Fujifilm's naming scheme is a bit of a problem. EXR sensor, EXR processing, EXR mode (on dial)...

I think it's easier to refer to EXR hardware (sensor pixel pairing), which applies to the X10 in M size with ISO less than DR, and EXR software, which Fuji calls EXR Processor, and is found in the X100, X-Pro 1 and the X-E1, and also in the X10 (and the X-S1 telezoom).

Obviously that works through hardware, too, a CPU embedded in the camera, but because the effect takes place well down the image pipeline we would call it software processing rather than hardware processing, as on the X10 with M size images and DR higher than ISO, where the effect takes place at sensor level.

I think it is neither easier, nor correct. What you and many others call "EXR hardware" processing does ​not​ happen any earlier in the image pipeline compared to what you call "EXR software". Both methods change some settings on sensor level and ​both​ methods apply their magic "well down the image pipeline"!

When you take an EXR sensor based raw files it (almost) always consists of two images, one from each sensor half. It is the job of the raw/in-camera software processing to create the final image, ​including​ to apply any EXR DR or HR DR processing to it! This even leads to different raw software (LR, CO, RT, SP) outputting different EXR DR results, obviously depending on their own processing methods.

There is one exception where the distinction is somewhat blurred. Certain settings make the X10 combine/process its two raw images into one in-camera before writing the raw file. But that still happens down the pipeline by camera-software. One thing to look out for is that these files react differently to sliders/tone-curves in raw software, but their total range is the same.

EXR DR does not happen on hardware level other than the sensor being split in two halves that are exposed differently, while HR DR changes gain/ISO on the whole sensor and thus is independent of sensor design. That's the whole "hardware" part about it, in ​both​ cases. Once the raw data has left the sensor it's up to software/chipset to make something out of it.

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