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Olympus makes two 17mm Primes

tjdean01 wrote:

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My recommendation would be E-PL5 + Panny 20mm / 25mm and VF-2.

Nice, but I would rather have the same logo on a camera and a lens.:-)



I would like the same, but he's right, the Olympus cameras have offerings the Panasonics just don't. And for all those Panasonic fans out there (none bigger than me but I don't like their cameras), the Panasonic lenses are better for most people. If you want Oly + Oly the only lenses you'll be getting are the 12 mm (1.8, I think) or the 45 mm 1.8. So how are you going to get anything between the 29-89 mm equiv range? You need to look at the Panasonics. And then place Olympus stickers on it!

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So, not sure what you're getting at here. There's the older serviceable but certainly not stellar f/2.8 pancake and the newer f/1.8, which seems to be pretty nice, as well.


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