Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Olympus assures us of a DSLR - and what size?

erichK wrote:

I think that you are in a minority in your championing of the E3/5 chassis. I have owned and used every Olympus DSLR except the E300 and the E-520. IMHO the E-1 is the most ergonomic camera they have produced, followed closely by the E-620 and the E-420. The E-3/5 bodyi simply too big and heavy, especially for those of us who like to carry and use at least two bodies and a reasonable assortment of lenses.

IMO the E-30 is the minimum size a new DSLR should be, and there needs to be a solid grip to go with it.

If you have used a ZD90-250mm or ZD300mm then you will understand the importance of having a substantial body on the end of those lenses.  If Oly gives us a small DSLR then they need to offer a really BIG pro grip to go with it.

If in your opinion ZD300 owners are in such a small minority that we don't count and that Oly should cater for the 'majority', you need to consider that the ZD is the Olympus Flagship lens and it truly is an optical gem, and Oly needs to support it with a decent sized body. To cut it out of consideration is just the start of a road down to the ordinary. And those special lenses will be just curiosities.

But with a proper pro 4/3 DSLR with a new sensor behind these lenses Oly shooters will not only out-reach the FF competition (we already do) they will have the IQ and high ISO performance as well to be stand-out alternatives to Canon and Nikon. Hey, if the new camera sells well Oly might just keep the 4/3 DSLR alive and one day we might even see a 400mm F/4 prime


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