Are pancake primes extinct ?

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Re: Are pancake primes extinct ?

Macx wrote:

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

Macx wrote:

I think there is another factor at play, too. At least from Olympus and Panasonic the trend is towards lenses with "internal focus" for fast and silent focusing. Both the 20/1.7 and 17/2.8 are fairly slow to focus compared to newer lenses, and I imagine it is relatively difficult/costly to make a new pancake with the focus speed that Olympus and Panasonic wants.


This is an important point.


I'm agreeing with you.

If someone has already posted the same ideas as were in my head then I'll quote and agree with them, as a right-thinking human being.

The smilies on this fudged-up forum don't always work in my browser so you'll have to do without.

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