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Re: Output?

LOL good post Robin. Hilarious.

$8000 is plenty of money to do a great setup. I agree with Robin 100%. Whilst D600 sounds like a great camera it of course is no match to a D800E not even considering the debris issue which plagues it.

I have had a D800E like Robin from close to when it was first released. Wow, what a camera. I am still amazed by it.

As far as Holy Trinity of lenses go, if you use them (I have 2 of them and lust after the 3rd) you would not question their value. They are super well made, perform incredibly well, render an image beautifully and are very very close (or in the case of the 14-24 which is better) than comparable primes.

I have several primes and I like them but would not substitute them for the 14-24 and 24-70. Minor gains for way less convenience plus they autofocus so quickly and accurately.

My particular D800E is flawless and I think the QC issues with D800 have now settled down (??). D600 oil/dust issues have not. The dust issue to me would be far more serious to a landscape shooter than AF leftmost issues with D800's in the past anyway.


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