Disqualified for too much PP?

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Re: Pointless conjecture.

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I assumed that too much pp were things like composites, cloning and removing things from the image And HDR type images. I'm worried without having some sort of baseline I will have similar experience if I enter other challenges.

There is no baseline, the rule in the Challenge in question is:

"Minor PP" is not defined so can only be used to DQ in cases of extreme PP, you should have argued your case with the Host before posting here, now you have posted here you cannot re-submit your entry with anonymity even if the Host were to change her mind.

She probably would have changed her mind if you explained what PP you had done and showed her the original image as the camera took it.

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I think it's safe to assume that "minor PP" refers to such use of post-processing tools as contrast, sharpening, cropping and light balance, all with moderation and sparingly. It should show the resulting image as being not post-processed, where nothing stands out as an obvious effect. Even HDR should be done in this manner, since exaggerration is usually the main reason for "No HDR" rules.

Sorry, I don't agree. One person's minor is another's major and visa versa . . . there is no safe assumption to be made when rules are written with subjective terms such as "Minor".

If I shoot RAW and process it to what other users might normally have set as defaults in their cameras is that Minor PP or not ? so for example, I adjust the WB, implement some NR and USM, adjust the saturation a little and the dynamic range, would this be Minor PP ? it is no more than any user who shoots jpg might have dialled into their camera as default.

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If the OP had simply provided before and after versions in the initial post viewers could have provided meaningful responses. Is it that hard?

Lifeofdavid, it's not too late

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