how bad is iq on tz30 ? better to go with fz150 or fz200?

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Re: how bad is iq on tz30 ? better to go with fz150 or fz200?

katterina wrote:

Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade my compact camera which is currently a tz5. I was thrilled to see an upgrade in the tz30 but less than happy wiyh the amount of negative comments i have seen feom reviews around image quality and noise.

I don't see this as a big issue with TZ30. Yes, there is some noise in extremely low light situations.

I am travelling to the far east soon and need something that will still give me good photos. I have a d50 a d300s but dont want to take these with me as its a beach and city holiday in high heat. Therefore i was looking at something smaller. Ideally a compact that i can take anywhere and i am also attending a wedding where i will be taking pictures. I have been considering the tz30 vs the canon 260 but am even less enthused by the canon. Id still like to have some control over aperture shutter and quality video would be a big plus.

TZ30 gives you P A S and M modes with good and easy control over exposure. It features auto bracketing as well. Scene modes are excellent, including one click HDR and panorama. It has GPS so you know exactly where you went and you can upload them to to show on Google Earth and Maps ! Zoom is 20x at 14MP. You can even get 33.8x or higher if you shoot at lower megapixels.

Are tz30 users dissapointed with their purchase? Is it so bad in low light that you run screaming away from it? Im a bit concerned over indoor temple shots or low light at the wedding.

I have been using this for 3 months now and I am very happy with the camera. Its not that bad  I m sure you will get pretty good shots, just explore the various modes and settings a bit. And yes, going through the user manual (advanced pdf on DVD) will help.

The only others ive seen that are the fz150 and fz200. The price of the fz200 is a bit steep considering the cost of the holiday already. I can just about afford the fz150 but its a much bigger camera and im a bit wary of leaving it in the hotel safe or keeping an eye on it all the time. I appreciate that these are bridge cameras and very different from a compact. The fz150 didnt seem to do that well in reviews i have seen.

I found TZ30 best value for money.

Im just very confused over what to get. Ultimately id love to get a bridge and a decent compact for use when i dont want an slr lol. I should also say that i do not have a great monitor at the moment for photo editing as my computer is connected to tv for space reasons. I do plan on getting a good monitor when i move but wont be able to do a lot of indepth editing at the moment. The msin thing id like to do is make one of those photo books of the holiday rather than try to sell or blow them up to canvas pic size.

Shoot at 5MP for better burst and zoom.

Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Hope that helps.

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