Do you "feel"yourself a lesser photographer with your RX100?

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Re: Truth be told..--Rich

harry cannoli wrote:

I'm holding off selling my DSLR gear until I find a really good m43 wildlife solution. I don't have a problem spending $6000 for a good, long m43 prime lens, once they make that lens. There are good 4/3 long lenses, but I'm waiting for m43. m43 would do me fine, except for wildlife, which is a big part of what i do.

You've probably already looked at the Panasonic GH3, but in case you haven't, I think it's equal to the OMD for photos and much better for video. You never know in advance whether you'd get interested in doing video, when you get a camera with its capabilities. The in-lens OIS in the Panasonic lenses should overcome the lack of in-body OIS with the GH3.

I've been picking my way through all the specs and reviews of existing M 4/3 lenses that would go with the GH3 and I've come to the same conclusion as you: that they have yet to build the lenses for it I want. I'd like something like this: a 12-45mm, a 45-150mm and a 70-400mm (maybe not possible or practical on that last one, but it would be just the thing for a track meet, with no lens changes).  I'd probably use a 500mm prime if I could afford it, but I wouldn't be happy with a fixed FL for video. Of course the FL is doubled by the M 4/3 sensor size and this camera has a 2.6X video extension mode. I'd expect the vid-caps from MOV 50 Mbps video could be excellent.

I showed this before, but once again here. It's a vid-cap from my ED-Beta, captured at 75 kb on a floppy disc from analog, SD video, 24 years ago. Know what it is? A real ID stumper, as it's a hybrid between Peregrine and Prairie Falcon.

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